Finalists for the Literary Event – ‘Poetry Slam’

Finalists for the Literary Event – ‘Poetry Slam’

Please note that the final Round for Poetry Slam (Poetry Recitation) will be held on 14th March ,Tuesday.

As part of the final round of literary event, the students will be reciting the poem they submitted during the first round of the literary event. Given below are the criteria on which the students will be evaluated:


    (Student is well prepared and it is obvious that (s)he rehearsed her/his poem thoroughly.)
    (The student has memorized the entire poem and is able to present it without error)
    (Student employs proper posture and gestures, is relaxed and confident, and maintains appropriate audience contact)
    (The student uses pauses and pace effectively to communicate meaning and/or enhance dramatic impact of the poem)
    (The student speaks clearly, distinctly, and with appropriate and varied pitch and tone modulation. Recites loudly enough for all to hear throughout the presentation)
    (Language of the poem,physical presence, voice and articulation, and dramatic appropriateness ,mastery of the art of recitation)


The list of Finalists for the event are:


  • Ananya Khurana (Conjecture)
  • Hiya Shah (Deliberate)
  • Reyansh Parmar (Deliberate)
  • Mana Shah(Contemplate)
  • Dev Amarnani(Ruminate)
  • Diya Shah (Excogitate)
  • Tanay Kapadia (Excogitate)
  • Mahi Rateria (Evolve)
  • Anushree Adnani (Evolve)
  • Anushka Bhansali (Excogitate)
  • Rishit Anand (Contemplate)
  • Saksham Saran (Deliberate)
  • Krish Rathore (Progress)
  • Vihan Ranka (Conjecture)
  • Diya Gupta (Conjecture)
  • Huzaifa Cinemawala (Contemplate)

All the best to all the finalists!!!

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