Grade 5 Alliance – 10th March’17

Grade 5 Alliance – 10th March’17


Student of the week : Ananya Dawer

[Highlight Of The Week]

[Unit Of Inquiry]

A new wave of energy was observed in the grade after the tuning in and finding out sessions took place for the on-going unit. Students were surprised, amazed and shocked at their newer learning  about all the materials around them.

In the 1st activity, they were asked to observe various materials kept on the table. The teacher demonstrated different processes to them, where students also reflected with several examples from their surrounding.

Here are few glimpses of the same :

In the next activity, students visited kitchen where they had opportunity to observe how different food ingredients interact with one another to make a new food product like wheat flour to pizza bread, all purpose flour to muffins. They were amazed to know that how dry yeast helps in fermentation of various products. Here they also got an opportunity to learn about the concept of irreversible and chemical changes.

Here are few glimpses of the same :

Students also observed the physical and reversible changes while making a candle. They visited the lab where they witnessed various apparatus with which the experiment was conducted. For example : tripod stand, Bunsen burner, tongs, spatula, wire gauze, etc. They also understood the term ‘Safety’ in a greater context while working in a lab.

Here are few glimpses of the same :



A)  Complete the mixed bag worksheet shared with you on Google Drive in the mixed bag notebook. The link has also been uploaded on the Blendspace link, tile – 29.

Blendspace link : bag

B)  Practice the concepts taught so far in geometry through the Khan Academy links given below:

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Explore the given site and play the online game given:


A)  Make sentences with the following phrasal verbs :

1.  pick up

2.  pick at

3.  drop in

4.  drop off


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