Highlights and homework – Day 1 – March 10th

Highlights and homework – Day 1 – March 10th

PYP Ex : Students were divided into groups of 4 and were asked to explore 5 centers  and observe each center carefully and make connections. Students were asked to make connection through commonality among the objects shown in the picture and compartmentalize the same in their notebooks. Then, a class discussion on all the aspects were done and students said that all the aspects like food, architecture, festivals etc come under one big umbrella ‘Culture’.

Later they were shown the following video on ‘What is Culture- Quotes’ and a class discussion was taken on each quote which helped them to understand Culture in a better manner.

They continued to read an article and developed and deepened their understanding about the interconnectedness of cultural aspects. They also learned about different aspects of culture.

Homework :

PYP Ex :

  1. Complete reading document 6 and 7 and note take in your journal. Discussion of the same will be taken up on Tuesday.
  2. Based on your newer understanding of Culture : Either create poster, poem or an essay on India’s Culture.

Math  : Complete Math mix bag homework.

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