Highlights and Homework for 10th March, 2017

Highlights and Homework for 10th March, 2017

Day 1



The students practiced sums on HCF and LCM. Later, they recalled what are like and unlike fractions, also, proper and improper fractions.


The first Line of Inquiry was unveiled with the help of a video on the distribution channel of Coca-cola. Later, they identified the concept for the disclosed line of inquiry.



A) Fill in the blanks using the given transition words in your language writing book:

Transition words have been left out of the following paragraph. Select appropriate words from the list below, and write them in the proper places. There can be more than one word that fits in some places.  Select the one that you think fits best.

Meanwhile            as a result of             first                        once upon a time             while          Through     next    under                  beside                           then

(1) ________________ there lived a family of bears in a lovely wooded area. Their home was (2)  ____________________some trees (3) _________________ a small stream.  One day  (4)  ________________the bears were not at home, a little girl came to the house. (5)    _______________, she knocked on the door. (6) ___________ , even though  no one answered her knock, she entered the house. (7)__________________________, she ate some of the bears’ food, and she napped on one of their beds. (8) _____________ , the bears returned home. They were surprised to see their door open. Their roars woke up the girl, and she fearfully ran from the house, (9)____________ the woods, and back to her own home. (10) ___________________her experiences, she never again went into the woods alone.

B) From the Ch. 19 of the reader, find the meanings for the given words:
sac, nifty, languish, carousing, bloated, humble, bystander, confetti, weary, commotion.


Solve the following in your Math notebook:

  1. Add:  8/25 + 7/25
  2. Subtract: 15/38 – 9/38
  3. Multiply: 4/7 x 3/7
  4. Divide: 9/14 ÷ 3/14
  5. Simplify and check which fractions are reduced to 0, ½, ¾ or 1:
    15/30, 11/11, 4/14, 0/12, 4/0, 6/6, 12/24, 15/20
  6. Find out which fraction  is bigger?  1/20 or ½
  7. Find the LCM and HCF:
    i) 45 and 54
    ii) 64 and 78
    iii) 21 and 22


  1. Follow the given link– http://www.beaconlearningcenter.com/WebLessons/BusinessBuddies/eco002.htm
  2. Now, note the answers in the U.O.I. notebook:
    1. What do you understand by the term producer?
    2. What do you understand by the term consumer?
    3. What do you understand by the term wholesaler and retailer?
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