Highlights and homework of 10th March

Highlights and homework of 10th March

Day 1


UOI: Students wrote their understanding about the definition of culture in their exhibition journal. Having done this, they then got into their groups, discussed these definitions and summed them all up in a single definition and wrote it down in Frayer’s model graphic organizer. They also wrote about the facts/characteristics, examples and non-examples of culture and a discussion was taken on the same.

Math :  The word problems done earlier on Ratio and proportion were discussed in the class. Students solved a real life application word problem in their Math notebook.

Math Summative Assessment for Ratio and proportion, was done in the class.


Language: A worksheet on active-passive voice, direct-indirect speech has been shared on your email id. It needs to be done in your Language notebook.

Math: Complete the mixed bag homework posted by Rachana ma’am in your Math notebook.

UOI: Read the article given. You can make notes or highlight(in the worksheet)what you think is important in the article. The discussion of the same will be done on Tuesday.

LD: Complete punctuation, parsing and question-answers of Week 11, Day 5, in your LD notebook.

Happy Holi!

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