Highlights and Homework: 14 March, 2017

Highlights and Homework: 14 March, 2017

Stars of the day –  Image result for animated image of a star

For respecting the elders and sharing the class reflection with them – Prisha, Shreyan, Sarthak, Navaan, Daiwik, Yana, Aryan, Swara, Tanush, Reet, Aadya, Karan, Helly, Bhakti, Tushya, Shiv.

Well done students!!!! 🙂 😀



 Students were introduced to “round off” where they learned and practiced to round 2 and 3 Digit numbers to the nearest ten and hundred with this teacher.


Students read the story “Rumpelstiltskin” and completed the activity given on page no. 73 of Empowering English through a worksheet.


Complete the given math worksheet.

Important note:

  • Students need to practice dodging on a regular basis at home.
  • Please send a book daily for reading during free time in class. Follow the same at home as well.




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