Highlights and Homework – 15th March’17

Highlights and Homework – 15th March’17

PYP Exhibition:

Learners read an article to develop and  deepen their understanding of aspects of culture like technology, wars, education,arts. They reflected their understanding of the article in a graphic organizer, after which a class discussion was taken.

Learners further explored the aspects of culture with respect to the culture followed in Fountainhead School. They categorised the activities undertaken by the school in different categories such as food, clothing, arts, celebrations, traditions etc. This activity helped them to understand the interconnectedness of different aspects of culture and also helped them to make connections of these aspects to the culture followed by school and its stakeholders.

Homework :

  1. Complete your single subject homework.
  2. Create a poster/collage/painting/poem which contains elements of Indian culture like arts, architecture, entertainment, languages, food, clothing etc. You can use A3, A4 or a chart paper for this task.
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