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Day: March 15, 2017

Art and Design Selection Form- 2017-18

Art and Design Selection Form- 2017-18

Dear Parent,

It’s time to select your next year A.S selection form. Kindly read the form carefully before filling. All the details are given in form.
It’s a kind request to fill the form form parent’s fountainhead ID only. Forms received form student’s ID will be cancelled.

Last date for submitting the form is 30th March,2017.

Art & Design Special Selection form 2017-18


Highlights of the day – Day 3

Highlights of the day – Day 3


  • Read aloud was done.


  • Students were given exposure to mental math strategies of multiplication.


  • The discussion related to most common natural disasters were taken up in the class and the students came to an understanding that natural disasters occur due to natural processes of the Earth and may lead to mass migration.


Shruti 🙂


Highlights and homework for 15th March 2017

Highlights and homework for 15th March 2017



Students explored the aspects of culture with respect to the culture followed in fountainhead school. They categorised the activities undertaken by the school in different categories such as food, clothing, arts, celebrations, traditions etc. This activity helped them to understand the interconnectedness of multiple aspects of culture and also helped them to make connections of these aspects to the culture followed by school and its stakeholders.


  1. Complete your single subject homework.
  2. Create a poster/collage/painting/poem which contains elements of Indian culture like arts, architecture, entertainment, languages, food, clothing etc. You can use A3, A4 or a chart paper for this task. Submission day- Next Wednesday.
Sr.KG. Hindi Highlights and Homework(Cycle-29)

Sr.KG. Hindi Highlights and Homework(Cycle-29)

कक्षा कार्य:

  • ‘क से  न’ वर्णों का पुनरावर्तन करवाया गया |
  • नीचे दी गई लिंक से UOI से संबंधित Water animal ‘मगरमच्छ’ के बारें में  जानकारी दी गई |

गृह कार्य:

  • नीचे दी गई लिंक से कहानी देखें |



Important note for the GRK/LRK trip

Important note for the GRK/LRK trip

Important points to be noted for the trip:

  • All students need to bring their school ID card. Any student without the I card will not be allowed to travel.
  • We do not recommend students bringing outdoor games like Frisbee, ball, football, etc as they will hardly get time to play during the trip. In case they are found playing with the outdoor games in the bus or indoors the play equipment will be confiscated.
  • Any form of candy, chocolates, sweets, or food outside the purview of Friday food policy is strictly not allowed. The same will be confiscated if found and consequences will be applicable.
  • Motion sickness candies will be provided if required. Students should not carry the same. (Parents please bring it to the notice of the HRT if you think your child would require these candies)
  • If required, to beat dehydration students can carry Glucon D or Electral.
  • Please carry big water bottle or 2 bottles.
  • Only students in Batch B travelling to LRK directly from school at 2 pm should not bring their Chromebook to school.
  • Batch B students will leave their school bag in the school itself. They will also change their uniform before leaving.


Zahabiyah Shaikhmahmood

Recap of the day – 15/3/17

Recap of the day – 15/3/17

U O I – Learners visited  Ray (science lab ) to observe the skeleton model to discuss about the bones,joints and other important things about skeletal system .
Read aloud of the book “Just the way I am” was done. 
Formative assessment – “Skeletal System” was taken.
Homework :
Do the Hindi/Gujarati homework
Highlights of the day: March 15

Highlights of the day: March 15


Learners visited the science lab and explored a skeleton. Later, they also watched a video and made connections with scientific vocabulary i.e. names of the bones.


  • Learners revised the concept of division by solving a worksheet.
  • Later teacher modelled 3/1 division sum using monterro cubes and the same was solved on the board using long division method.

Keep revising tables !

Highlights and homework of 15th March

Highlights and homework of 15th March

Day 3


UOI: Students read an article and developed and deepened their understanding of the interconnectedness of cultural aspects. They also learned about different aspects of culture like technology, wars, education through the article. They reflected their understanding of the article in a graphic organizer, after which a class discussion was taken on the same.

Learners were then grouped and were given a worksheet with the aspects of culture written on it. Learners were asked to make a connection with Fountainhead school culture, keeping in mind the aspects of culture. They also found out, during this process, that the aspects of culture are interconnected.


UOI: Create a poster/collage/painting/poem showcasing your idea about India’s culture. It can be done on an A4 or A3 sheet.(To be submitted on Tuesday)

Complete your single subject homework.


Highlights and Homework For 15th March

Highlights and Homework For 15th March

Highlights :

PYP Ex :

Learners discussed the definition of culture and revised different elements of culture. They moved to reflect on their learning through the Frayer’s model. Learners noted their response about definition, characteristics, example and non example of culture in the group. Now that they were much clear with culture, its characteristics and its elements, learners were asked to make connection with Fountainhead school culture. They also found out, during this process, that the aspects of culture are interconnected.

Further  the discussion of interconnectedness of aspects of culture taking a cue from yesterday’s session. They were grouped and were asked to make connections between aspects of FS Culture. They were given the guiding questions mentioned below :

1. Find out the aspect which can be the cause of another aspect For e.g. Uniform(Clothing) which is common across the school for both boys and girls, because we value (beliefs and Values) individual comfort and equality across both genders.

2. Find out the commonalities across two or more aspects For e.g. X-box (Entertainment) which is also a tradition being followed from years, it’s a celebration of learning and a platform to showcase your learning (Education) in X-box.

Learners further continued to read the article : to unpack the big idea. They noted down the important ideas and words from the article.

Further the students explored the term Informed Choice through an activity.

Conclusion of the session :

“Not everything that existed will continue..We need to make informed choices based on what is important or needed as per needs of current times and these choices will shape our future”

 CI – Understanding our past culture helps us to makes informed choices in the present and shapes our future


Ensure to complete your Single Subject Homework.


1)Write in about 50 words the understanding of the Central Idea.

2) Characteristics of culture:

Write down the MAIN takeaways.

Happy Learning!!!!


Richa Sarda.