Highlights and Homework- 16/3/17

Highlights and Homework- 16/3/17

Dear Parents,

The following students are awarded the Pen license:-

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Praneet,  Ojasvi, and Siddhant.

Highlights of the Day-


Field trip to “Sosyo” factory for exploring the current unit “Economic Activity”.

Reflection was taken up based on the field trip.



Find the LCM of the following:

  1. 36,72
  2. 54, 78
  3. 21,39
  4. 55, 111


Students have to read Chapter 20 as they will be doing a role play of the same tomorrow in class.

Source of image:

Image: https://www.google.co.in/search?biw=1242&bih=602&tbm=isch&q=hurray+animation&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwijl_qvxtrSAhXCs48KHR4YBA8QhyYIIw#imgdii=TDpF4FPtmszB-M:&imgrc=u9wdrfMF7YO59M:


Kavita Arora.


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