Highlights and Homework of the day: 16th March

Highlights and Homework of the day: 16th March

Language :

  • Students revised the steps of the writing process with the teacher and the teacher role-modeled the narrative writing following all the steps.

UOI: Where we are in place and time

  • Students revised the personal migration history of the guest speaker with the teacher and made a T Chart by pasting situations given to them on a chart paper  and identified them as pull and push factors.

Homework: Maths

1. My mother bought 58 packs of peanut-butter cups. Each pack has 4 cups. How many cups are there altogether?

2. Mihir wants to buy a toy of Rs.89. If he buys 7 toys, how many rupees he will spend in all?

3.Find the product using the traditional method: a. 60 X 8 b. 99 X9 c. 86 X 4 d. 75 X 6

Important : UOI: Tomorrow is the last day to submit the photograph )

The students will interview their parents/Grandparents/Relatives/ to collect and record information regarding their migration.The questions they are supposed to ask them are:

1) Where were you born?

2) Why did your family shift from the place of your birth? How many places have you stayed till now?

3) What were the different reasons behind shifting to different places?

4) What were the challenges that you have faced because of a change in place?

5) What changes have you undergone to be comfortable in a new place?

6) How has your moving to a new place influenced the place of destination?

Important Note:

  • Kindly send photographs of family members (including the photograph of the family member whom they have interviewed) for the family tree which they will be making in the class through a time line.
  • Students need to practice dodging on a regular basis at home.
  • Please send a book daily for reading during free time in class. Follow the same at home as well.


Runa Nath(HRT)


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