Highlights and Homework – 17/03/2017

Highlights and Homework – 17/03/2017

Dear parents,


  1. Homework was discussed.
  2. Students solved word problems based on real life application of ‘Fractions’. Later, they revised the concepts taught earlier by solving a ‘Mixed-bag’ worksheet.


Students read and comprehended Chapter 21 from the reader ‘Charlotte’s Web’.



Answer the following question:

Wilbur and Charlotte trusted Templeton to get the egg sac. Would you trust Templeton? Explain why you feel the way you do. Give reasons.


a) Which is the greater fraction 2/3 or 3/5?

b) Arrange these fractions in ascending order: 3/10, 5/10, 1/10, 9/10

c) Reduce 50/64 to its simplest form.

d) Find 3 equivalent fractions for the following fractions:  i) 3/6   ii)3/3     iii)2/5

e) In a party, 3 /8 of Margherita pizza and 1 /5 of American Pizza was left. What fraction of pizza is left altogether?

f) The students decided to use 1 /4 of the playground for basketball and 3 /8 of the playground for soccer. What fraction of the playground did they use in all?

g) There are 21 girls in Tanya’s Math class. If 2/7 of the girls excelled in their Math examination, how many girls excelled?

h) In a box of 100 peaches, 1/10 were rotten. How many peaches were rotten?
i) Kanika bought 6 kg of flour and used  1/2 of it. How much did she use?

Pinky Shah

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