Session on Assessment in the MYP Programme

Session on Assessment in the MYP Programme

Dear MYP Parents,

MYP being a new program, we intend to provide all the required support to parents to help you understand the requirements of the program. I am glad to announce that we have planned a session with the parents to explain MYP assessment and grading system. To ensure that we are equipped to analyse students’ performance, it is important that we understand how assessment and grading is done in the MYP. We had also received requests from parents after Term 1 examination for having a session on the above mentioned topic.

Even though the IB has worked hard to improve the clarity of how MYP assessment works, it is not always easy to follow without assistance. However, the ideas underpinning the assessment practices are exciting and innovative. This session will explain in more details how it works and it will be conducted by Middle School Programme Coordinator and / by Team leaders.
Kindly note, this session is compulsory for all the parents to attend. For your ease, we are going to take the session on three different days and in three different time slots. You are requested to book the slot as per your convenience. Each slot will have 45 openings so parents are requested to book their preferable slot at the earliest.

Please note: This session is compulsory for the parents (any one parent can attend). We will withhold Term 2 report in case if any parents fail to attend the session. Kindly book your slot by 21st March. If you fail to book then a slot will be assigned to you from the school.
Looking forward to your presence.

Session on Assessment in Middle Years Programme (MYP)


Kind regards,
Saolee Roy
Middle Years Programme Coordinator

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