Highlights and Homework- 21 March, 2017

Highlights and Homework- 21 March, 2017


Language: Students read and comprehended Chapter 21 from the reader ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

UOI: As a part of the unit ‘Economic Activities’, students will be conducting a ‘Business Fair’. Students were briefed about the same. Later, they discussed the products within groups to gauge the demand after conducting the survey and decide their goods/services accordingly.

Math: The students practiced word problems on comparing and subtracting unlike fractions.


Math: Solve the following:
A) Tina spends 14/15 of an hour singing and also spends 3/7 of an hour at the park. How much less time does she spend at the park compared to singing?

B)Govind ate 11/12 of a pie, whereas Rohit had 5/7 of a pie. Who ate more and by what fraction?

C) If a LPG gas cylinder contains 3/7 of LPG gas, what part of it is empty?

Link for practice:



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