Highlights and Homework – 21/03/2017

Highlights and Homework – 21/03/2017

Dear parents,


Homework was discussed.


The checklist for the summative assessment of Narrative writing was shared with the students. Later, the teacher modeled  (I do stage) narrative writing, for the topic “The day of the celebration of learning” by following the writing process and writing traits.

Unit Of Inquiry:

Students analyzed and interpreted the data collected from the survey and finalized their products/services for the Business fair in pairs. From today, they’ll start preparing for the fair and might choose to buy the goods for their stall according to the guidelines shared.

Note: If you have any query regarding things to buy or business fair, please feel free to communicate through Daily Diary.



Students have to copy the following passage in their Language Writing notebook and fill in the blanks with appropriate transition words from the table given below:


Meanwhile  as a result of    first      once upon a time    while    Through     next    under    beside     then

(1) ________________ there lived a family of bears in a lovely wooded area. Their home was (2)  ____________________some trees (3)  ________________  a small stream.  One day  (4) ________________  the bears were not at home, a little girl came to the house. (5) ________________ , she knocked on the door. (6)________________  , even though  no one answered her knock, she entered the house. (7)____________, she ate some of the bears’ food, and she napped on one of their beds. (8) ________________  , the bears returned home. They were surprised to see their door open. Their roars woke up the girl, and she fearfully ran from the house, (9)________________  the woods, and back to her own home. (10) ________________  her experiences, she never again went into the woods alone.

Taken from: http://www.reallygoodstuff.com/images/art/154284.pdf


Practice sums from the link given below:


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