Highlights and Homework – 21/3/17

Highlights and Homework – 21/3/17


The draft of the ‘I do‘ narrative piece was revised and edited by the teacher and then published, as per the writing process. The topic was “The day of the Celebration of Learning”. Please find below the published piece for parent’s reference as the student will not be copying them.

“The day of the Celebration of Learning”

Wouldn’t it be superb to have one moment when a huge crowd is cheering for you? I had that memorable moment on the day of my Celebration of Learning.

Triinnnggg-rinnng-rinnngggg!!! my alarm buzzed sharp at 5 o’clock in the morning. I got dressed as fast as Bolt racing in an Olympic match.Waving a hurried goodbye I exclaimed, “Bye, mom and be on time!”, slamming the car door and boarding the bus.

Although it was chilly outside, my classroom was quite warm and inviting. After meeting and greeting my friends, we gobbled our breakfast and then lined up to move down to the Y-box. As we settled down our teacher clarified expectations and announced, “ We shall begin the programme in about 15 minutes.” While waiting for our welcome dance, I could feel butterflies in my stomach.

Before I knew it, I was standing on the stage surrounded by the audience who were listening to every word I said. “So parents, put your hands together for our upcoming performance,” I announced loudly and left the stage.

This was that proud moment which I will always cherish. Afterall, we, the students were responsible for putting up a mind-blowing show!

Reference: https://k12.thoughtfullearning.com/studentmodels/day-i-took-spotlight



Students will solve the following word problems with statements and answer statements in their Math notebooks: (copy the problem and write complete steps)

1.Sally did 1/6 of a load of laundry on Friday and 3/7 of a load of laundry on Wednesday. What fraction of laundry did Sally do in total?

2.Keith completed 4/9 of Friday’s crossword and 2/11 of Saturday’s crossword. In total, what fraction of these crosswords did Keith finish?

3.Jessica has 7/10 of last week’s pocket money and 5/6 of this week’s pocket money. How much pocket money in total does Jessica have left?

NOTE: As a consequence of not respecting school library books the students have to write a short essay of 10 sentences on “Why and how should we respect books”. If they do not complete this they shall be missing their playtime on day 4.


Kavita Arora.

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