Highlights and Homework – 21st March

Highlights and Homework – 21st March

PYP Ex :  Students were divided into groups and they shared their learning from the Kachchh trip, keeping in mind the main idea of the unit along with the aspects of culture.

Then, in groups, students sorted their understanding on a chart, the 10 things they saw or places they visited during the trip, 7 quotes which they heard from the local people, artisans, guide etc during the trip, 5 ideas which they understood, 3 questions they still have and 1 main idea of the trip. This helped them share their ideas and have a detailed understanding of the places visited at LRK, GRK as well as Ahmedabad.


Watch the video of Determiners- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQWMS6EbTGM

You need to complete your trip booklet (writing quality reflections in important)

Create a poster/collage/painting/poem showcasing your idea about India’s culture. It can be done on an A4 or A3 sheet.(To be submitted tomorrow) Please note that this should be a quality piece or else you will be required to redo the homework.


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