Highlights and Homework – 23rd March

Highlights and Homework – 23rd March

PYP Exhibition :-

Learners explored Google drive and Google apps  in order to enhance their ICT skills which will be  required during PYP exhibition.

Students reflected on their learning till date and made personal connections with the aspects of culture. They filled a worksheet and a google form to prioritize their area of interest.

Homework :- 

Complete reflection for cycle 3 in  PYP Exhibition notebook.

  • The sessions of cycle 3 are:
    • Understanding culture through article reading in snippets.
    • Defining culture- Frayer’s model
    • Understanding the interconnectedness of the aspects of culture through the exploration of FS culture.
    • Analogy and 5 main ideas
    • Elucidation of the big idea. – Exploring Central Idea and reading article of heritage cycle
    • Trip orientation
    • GRK/LRK Trip

Answer the following question in your PYP exhibition book:

1.  Which is the most memorable experience of the trip for you? Why?

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