Highlights and Homework for 23rd March

Highlights and Homework for 23rd March

Stars of the day –Image result for star gif image 

  1. For showing positive behaviour at home – Prisha
  2. For getting certificate in school event – Aadya, Helly, Hriya
  3. For having good prior knowledge about the unit – Navaan
  4. For being reflective in the class – Vihaan

Well done!!! 🙂 😀



Students revised all the steps of the Writing Process orally with the teacher. Students did the Prewriting and drafting (Draft 1) of their own story focusing on all the essential elements of the story. They also revised their work using ARMS strategy.


Students revised the 3-D shapes done earlier and were introduced to new 3-D shapes along with their properties.


Read aloud of the book “Coming to America” by Betsy Maestro was done.


Complete the given math worksheet.




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