Highlights and Homework for 23rd March, 2017

Highlights and Homework for 23rd March, 2017

Star of the Day- Dhwanit Desai, Diya Agarwal, Harsh Dalal, Pranshav Desai, Yashvi Desai and Shaurya Rajgor  animated-star-image-0092 animated-star-image-0092 animated-star-image-0092

(for being co-operative in  their groups)
Day 3



Teacher modeling of ‘Narrative Writing’ for the topic ‘The Day of Celebration Of Learning’ was completed.


A Math Formative Assessment of the word problems pertaining to unlike fractions was taken.


The students were divided into groups and later, they conducted a survey where, they recorded responses of the students from Grade 3 and Grade 5 to understand the demand of their products to sell in the business fair.



The students have to complete the worksheet given to them.



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