Senior School “Kalautsav, 2016-17”

Senior School “Kalautsav, 2016-17”

Dear Parent,

Fountainhead school welcomes you to the Senior School “KALA UTSAV” 2016-17. Students here at FS are eager to showcase their year-long learning and talent.
This year, all the performances will be at different venues and at different timings. Parents are invited to appreciate and enjoy the performance of their child. Parents interested in watching the presentation in other segments as well (for other students) can refer to the timings and venues mentioned in the invitation card.

For the first time, we have planned Kala Utsav in evening; the light of sun and soft breeze will make the ambiance and performances more attractive. Parents please do come and encourage our star performers.

Students will be coming by afternoon 4:30 pm route and will be going back with parents. No transportation will be provided while going back. It is mandatory for parents to carry the bearer card and issue a gate pass for their child from Neha Bhatia(A.S coordinator) or Pankkti Chauhan(SS Arts team leader), only then you will be able to take your child along with you. Parents who are not accompanying their children requested to hand over the bearer card to the accompanying adult.

1. Students need to carry their water bottles with them.
2. They need to carry 2 lunch boxes.
3. It is mandatory for students to wear the dress code instructed by the teacher.

Transport routes is given below-:


Neha Bhatia

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