Grade 7_Highlights of the week and HW_all sections

Grade 7_Highlights of the week and HW_all sections

Dear all,

This week began with an introduction to the concept of “Context” in Literature and its importance. We had combined sessions with all grades in which the students were asked to create their stories. Through this activity we helped students understand the importance of Context.

Later in the week we began with a monologue from “Merchant of Venice”. Through this students understood the adverse impact of discrimination in society.

We will begin next week by teaching students, “Pastiche”. The Summative assessment for Drama unit will also be announced.


Read the excerpt from the poem. Identify the literary device. What impression does it create on you as a reader?

Poem Upagupta -:

It was evening of a day in April,
in the spring season.
The branches of the way side trees were full of blossom.
Poem -: Unworthy Gift
Far below flowed Jumna, swift and clear,
above frowned the jutting bank.
Hills dark with the woods and scarred with the torrents were gathered around.
Homework Submission Date -: 28/03/17
Bookclub: Today we updated the bookclub log for a lot of students and informed all students who still have to complete this requirement. Please note, the last day for bookclub submission is 31st March. 
Grade 7 Team
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