Highlights and Homework for 24th March, 2017

Highlights and Homework for 24th March, 2017

Day 4



The teacher with students’ inputs, completed the Pre-writing and Drafting stage for the topic- My first day of school in Grade 4.


The students in their groups analyzed the data they collected yesterday through survey, to finalize any five items that they would be selling in their Business Fair. Also, a discussion on the fair pricing of their  products was taken up.



  1. Mahi ate 12/15 of a cake and Aanya ate 6/9  of a cake. Find out who ate more cake?
  2. Siddharth reads 5/6  pages and Aaryam reads 5/7 pages  of Charlotte’s Web. Find out who is ahead in reading the book?
  3. Vrusha ate 2/8 of a watermelon in the noon and 2/4 of a watermelon in the evening. How much watermelon did she consume in a day? What fraction of watermelon is left out?
  4. Write all the factors of 84 and circle all the prime factors.
  5. Write all the factors of 60 and circle all the composite factors.
  6. Simplify and check whether 18/36 and 45/90 are equivalent fractions or not.
  7. Arrange in ascending order- 12/13, 6/13, 4/13, 13/13.
  8. Arrange in descending order- 1/20, 15/20, 4/20, 13/20.
  9. Write 3 multiples of 23.
  10. Which fraction size is bigger- 3/8 or 3/6 ?

Note: The students are required to bring along their sheets for Book Review by Monday.


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