Highlights of the week: G11_Mathematical_Studies_SL

Highlights of the week: G11_Mathematical_Studies_SL

Dear Parents,

Greetings. Last week, we have started with the new Unit –  Statistical Applications in continuation to train students with the ICT tools that are helpful to write their I.A. Prject . Following are the highlights of learning outcomes and activities during last two weeks : –                                    

  • Normal Probability Distribution problem solving.
  • Inverse probability calculation
  • Usage of GDC to view the left, right and central tail of a Normal Probability Distribution
  • Application of  Chi Squared test ( clearly understood that the topic is beyond scope of current syllabus but may be applied for IA project )
  • Formation of table of observation and expected value on GDC
  • Meaning of degree of claculation, critical values and level of significance
  • Hand calculations of chi squared test
  • The regression line for y on x and x on y with its meaning
  • Application of the line of regression for prediction purpose
  • Exercises 5A , 5B, 5C fully solved in the class, 5H solved partially and taken as home assignment.

Please check the status of work done by them at home on everyday basis and feel free to communicate with us through DD communication of Nucleus.

Thanks and regards,

Ranjeet Dutta & Jaykumar Barot

Educator – Mathematics | FS

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