Highlights_of_the_week: G10_International_Mathematics_Core

Highlights_of_the_week: G10_International_Mathematics_Core

Dear Parents,

Greetings. This week, we have again started to revise the concepts which were identified on the basis of student’s performance in the recently concluded mock examination. Following were the highlights of learning outcomes and activities during the  week : –

  • Solved the mock examination paper.
  • Differentiated approach to solve individual doubts.
  • Concept of Circle Geometry was revised.
  • Solved paper component 1 of IGCSE International Mathematics Core 0444.
  • Suggestion given to address command terms and effective usage of GDC.
  • Work Assignment given for weekend and posted on Google Classroom.

Please check the status of work done by them at home on everyday basis and feel free to communicate with us through DD communication of Nucleus.

Thanks and regards,

Ranjeet Dutta,

Educator – Mathematics | FS

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