Highlights and Homework for 27th March, 2017

Highlights and Homework for 27th March, 2017

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Saksham Jain
Diya Agarwal
Renit Rathod.

Day 5



The students started writing a narrative piece on the topic- The best day  of school. They managed to complete Pre-writing, Drafting, Revisiting and Editing stages. They will complete the Publishing stage applying the feedback given to them by the teacher.


A discussion upon their responsibility, of being producers or suppliers was discussed in the class. Later, the students reflected upon the process of bringing together the Business Fair. They also made connections with the central idea, lines of inquiries, learner profiles, attitudes and skills they had been and will be focusing on through the ongoing summative assessment task.



  1. FA correction to be done.
  2. Solve the following:
    a) Shaurya and Aaryam started reading Matilda together. On the first day, both managed to complete 5 out of 14 pages of the first chapter. On the second day they completed reading another 7 pages. What fraction of the chapter have they completed so far?
    b) For the business fair, Shloka and Priyal required 80 paper plates. Shloka agreed to bring 3/8th of the requirement. How many paper plates is Priyal required to bring for the fair?
    c) Harsh covers 5/7th of a kilometer on his wave board on Saturday. He covered 2/4th of a kilometer on Sunday. What fraction of a kilometer did he cover during the weekend?
    d) Aanya and Manya cleaned 1/3rd of the classroom together. Further, Shanaya and Pranshav cleaned 4/9th of the classroom. What part of the classroom still remains uncleaned?

Note: The students are reminded to bring along the Book Review sheet tomorrow without fail.

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