Highlights of the day 27th March,2017

Highlights of the day 27th March,2017

Day 5 – Monday.

Math: Learners solved the division word problems.

U O I:Learners shared certain information about the circulatory system .Later, they wrote few questions for the “Circulatory system”.

They also watched a video and read and article-“Your Heart”.




1.Find out 2 facts about blood
2.Why veins are blue in color and arteries are red in color?
 3.Complete the given worksheet.



Task 1 : Solve the following division sums:
a) 84 / 7 b) 854 / 78 c) 98 / 7 d) 63 / 41

Task 2 : Solve the following word problem:
a) Aarav has 35 ribbons. There are 7 ribbons on each table. How many tables does he have?

Have a good day! 🙂

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