Important note

Important note

Dear Parents,

Since we are approaching the end of the year. We are in the process of finalising the PYP portfolios. The PYP portfolio depicts the PYP journey of the child. They are retained in school for every child from nursery to Grade 6.  As this is student selected, we seek your help in selecting the best pieces along with your child through Seesaw.

Please find the process below:

1. You have to select one piece each from language, math and UOI. The chosen piece can be from either of the terms.

2. In order to select the piece, kindly comment “PYP portfolio” in the comment section of the chosen piece.

3. Once you do this the HRT will get a notification for each chosen piece.

We request you to complete this process by Wednesday, 5th April, 2017. In case any parent is unable to do the selection by the said date, the respective HRT will complete the selection for that student.

Thanks and regards,

Jimmi and Maria.

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