Highlights and homework for 30th March 2017

Highlights and homework for 30th March 2017

[Highlight Of The Day]

Students did the following tasks today:
1. Finalized LOI’s, sub-questions, Big Idea as well as the topic definition. They also finalized their group name.
2. Worked on their resource bank.
3. They brainstormed about the scope of primary research, like field trips, survey, interview, observations etc, for their respective topics.


1. Start reading the information from the links and resources shared by your mentors or the ones searched by you.
2. Complete the tasks given by your mentors.
3. Submit articles, poetry, field trip pictures, write up, etc for the website blog.
4. Tomorrow is the last day for submitting your artwork for the PYPX invitation card. Make sure you work on it today.
See you all tomorrow… 🙂


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