Highlights and Homework of 30th March, 2017

Highlights and Homework of 30th March, 2017


UOI: The students prepared charts for their ‘Business Fair’ using the persuasive strategy.

Math: 1) Fraction summative assessment part-1 was taken up.

2) Teacher took up the basic concepts of geometry like point, line, linesegment ray and polygons. They were given the handout which is to be pasted in their math notebook.


Math: Refer the handout given to you. Any doubts related to geometry will be catered tomorrow in class.

Language: 1)Students have to find the synonyms of the following words: sad, unhappy, angry, stressed, tense, lonely, worried, emotional.

2)Students have to write a narrative piece on the topic “A sad day of my life” by following the writing process (Prewriting, Drafting, Revisiting, Editing and Publishing) in their Language Writing notebook. (Last day of submission for writing piece is Monday)

Math: Answer the following questions referring the polygon worksheet given :

1. How many sides does an octagon have?
2. How many sides does a pentagon have?
4. Which has more sides: a hexagon or a pentagon?
NOTE: Come prepared for your business Fair tomorrow with the necessary resources as decided by your group.
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