Homework for 30th March

Homework for 30th March

Homework for the day:
As discussed in the class, you are supposed to work on the following tasks:-

1) Write down the Cyclic Reflection for the last cycle in your PYP journal. Also, update the cyclic reflection checklist and the blob worksheet.

Things done in this Cycle:

Selecting the topic to be inquired.
Selecting Art Component
Narrowing down the topic
Framing of Big Idea and task definition
Selecting the group name

2. Look for the answers to the factual questions(close ended) which you’ve prepared.

3. These tasks should be completed in your sheet by today end of the day:-
Big Idea
Task Definition

1st level and 2nd level of questions
Lines of inquiry,with connection to key concepts, with 2 factual questions under each LOI.

4. If you are doing primary research, be ready with the questions for data collection, so that we can provide you feedback on the same tomorrow.

Here’s the link to the PYPX website which you can explore.

You can submit articles, poetry and write up etc, for the website blog.

If you are interested in contributing to the PYP exhibition invitation card, you can get a drawing, painting, doodle, related to the unit latest by tomorrow, as discussed in the class.

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