Highlight and Homework of 31st March,2017

Highlight and Homework of 31st March,2017


UOI: The students conducted the Business Fair, which was a great learning experience and a big hit! After the fair, they spent time counting the money earned. The money will be given to them on Monday . The students will first take back the invested amount and the remaining shall be divided equally amongst  their group members.


Math: A)Students have to solve the following in their Math notebook:

a) Aashka had 24 beads. 6 were yellow, 6 were orange, 5 were red, and 7 were purple. What fraction of her beads were red ?

b)Riansh collects sports cards. He has six baseball cards, three football cards, four hockey cards, and three basketball cards. What fraction of his sports cards are hockey cards? Make sure you reduce the fraction to its lowest terms.

c)A train arrives at the station with 150 passengers on board. 2/5 of the passengers get off the train in Bombay. How many passengers are still in the train ?

d) If Raj ate 5/12 of a pie and Rahul ate 2/5 of a pie, find out who ate more pie and by what fraction?

B) Simplify the following:

  1. 36/50
  2. 85/90
  3. 54/72
  4. 24/108

Happy Weekend 🙂

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