Highlights and Homework- 31 March, 2017

Highlights and Homework- 31 March, 2017

Star of the day: Grade 4 Mettle 🙂


U.O.I: The students conducted the Business Fair, which was a great learning experience and a big hit! After the fair, they spent time counting the money earned. The money will be given to them on Monday . The students will first take back the invested amount and the remaining shall be divided equally amongst  their group members.

A kind request:– Please write down the investment details of your child (done for business fair) on a paper and sign it. Send it along with them on Monday, so their money can be returned accordingly.


Language: Students have to write a narrative piece on the topic “A sad day of my life” by following the writing process (Prewriting, Drafting, Revising & Editing) in their Language Writing notebook.

ICT: Students have to make a presentation on their experience of ‘Business Fair’ using ‘Google Slides’ and share it with their HRT.

There should be minimum 4 slides including the following:

  • A key learning from the business fair
  • Skills and sub-skills applied during the business fair (mention how and where you applied them)
  • Two things that you liked the most during the process of planning and conducting the business fair.
  • Two things that you could have done in a  better way.

Have a happy weekend!! 🙂


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