Highlights and homework – 31st March, 2017

Highlights and homework – 31st March, 2017

Day 3 – Friday. 

Language: Chapter 20 “Our Space Trip With The Aliens” from the Empowering English as being read.

U O I: Learners were tuned into respiratory system.


Math: Solve the following division sums:
a) 842 / 98 b) 65 / 12 c) 254 / 21 d) 879 / 33

Solve the following division word problems:
a) There are 455 students in the a school band. Premsagar Sir wants to have 5 equal rows of students on stage at their performance. How many students will be in each row?
b) Shott sold tickets for Rs. 645. Each ticket costs Rs. 15. How many people purchased a ticket?

Language: Read chapter number 23 and 24 from the reader.

Have a good day! :) 

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