Highlights of the day 31-03-17

Highlights of the day 31-03-17

Day 3


Dictation was conducted. Demonstration passage’ from Empowering English was read.


Learners solved word problems of 3 by 2 digit division sums (with and without remainders).


Learners did an activity which was integrated with PE. They learnt about Circulatory system and the flow of blood in their body. Later learners watched a video related to the system and understood its functioning.



Solve the following word problem:

a) If 375 kg of wheat is packed in 15 bags, how much wheat will each bag contain?

b) Harshika has 216 flowers. She wants to put 6 flowers in each pot. How many pots will she need?

c) In kalautsav, students had 108 displays. There were 12 displays in each row. How many rows of displays were there?

d) Create a word problem using division fact 56 / 8


Watch the following link and read the article given to you. Make notes in your UOI notebook.


Happy Weekend 🙂

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