Highlights of the day: March 31

Highlights of the day: March 31


Learners practised narrative writing using the ‘Writing Process’.


Learners reflected on the activities performed in PE. Later, they watched a video on “Circulatory system”.



Write the functions in the journal sheet as explained in class.


  • Solve the following division sums:
    a) 842 / 98      b) 65 / 12       c) 254 / 21        d) 879 / 33
  • Solve the following word problems:
    a) There are 455 students in the school band. Premsagar sir wants to have 5 equal rows of students on stage. How many students will be in each row?

             b) Riya sold tickets for Rs. 645. Each ticket costs Rs. 15. How                       many people purchased a ticket?

Note: Literary Event (Spelling Bee) will commence from Monday, 3rd April.

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