Homework for the weekend, 31st March, 2017

Homework for the weekend, 31st March, 2017


  1. Complete the cyclic reflection for engagements done after GRK / LRK  trip till the group formation.

List of Engagements:

  • Finalising the topic and group formation
  • Practice of Big 6 and ICT Tools
  • Mapping the reflections of GRK/LRK trip with TDT Aspects
  • Reflection of the trip using the thinking tool – 10 sees, 7 quotes, 5 learnings, 3 wonderings and 1 main message
  • Discussion of GRK / LRK trip

2. Do the Math Homework posted by Rachana Ma’am in your Maths Notebook.  If you are not having your Maths notebook, then solve it in journal sheets. Homework discussion will happen on Monday.

3. Complete the homework given by your Mentors.

Thanks and regards

Himani Mehta

Kiran Tulsiani

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