Highlights of the week 27th-31st March

Highlights of the week 27th-31st March

Circle time:

  • Read aloud from the Senior Kg and Cambridge Readers book list and list.
  • Rhymes
  • Phonological Awareness: Revision of syllables, word chain game, word count and onset rime.


UOI: Adaptation.

TDT: Sharing the planet.

Central idea: Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

Learning Engagements:

  • Formative assessment: A group of 5, was given a particular habitat (grassland, desert, aquatic and snow) and they were asked to present.


Revision of number operations, half past clock, patterns, shapes and Days of the week.

Summative assessment was conducted.


  1. Revision of all digraphs done till date.
  2. Revision of tricky words done till date.
  3. Summative assessment was conducted


If your child is reflecting or inquiring at home regarding the ongoing unit, kindly inform the HRT through Daily diary.

Have a great weekend!!


Sr. Kg Team.

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