Day 2-Highlights and homework of the day!! (7th April, 2017)

Day 2-Highlights and homework of the day!! (7th April, 2017)


  • Formative assessment of story writing was conducted, where students, made their own story using all the elements of story writing and following the writing process.


  •  Students selected pieces for portfolio and wrote a reflection.


  • Formative assessment was conducted.

Important note:

  • Today we are sending a coloured sheet titled ‘My Grade 2 Journey‘, which will be used as the cover page for the PYP portfolio. Students can draw their best learning or their favourite event of the year, on this sheet. Please help the children decorate it the way they want to. They can use crayons, sketch pens, small beads, etc.Kindly submit it on Monday without fail.
  • For celebrating the last Day of the academic year (April 21st), we have planned lots of fun filled activities for the students.One of them is Splash pool. Kindly send a swimming costume and a  towel in a plastic bag on that day. Do not forget to label the belongings. Uniform is compulsory on this day. Thank you for the cooperation.
  • Grade 2 SLC is scheduled on April 17th (Monday). We are posting this blog early with an intention of giving you enough time to make arrangements for attending your child’s conference as a priority.
    Your son/daughter will be the star of the show, leading you through this time taking you to a number of different stations that will be set up in the classroom. They will be showing you what they have been learning and will help you in reviewing their portfolios. This is an extremely valuable opportunity for the students to share their strengths, acknowledge their weaknesses and with you in attendance plan an approach for the next academic session.
    Slots will be opened for booking on Monday, 10th April. We would appreciate and recommend that both the parents attend the meeting and encourage their child. If in any case, you are unable to attend SLC, kindly inform the Homeroom teacher mentioning the reason so that she can open that time slot for other parents.
    Looking forward to the conference!


  1. Click on the links given below and play the games:

2. Complete the given worksheet.


Happy weekend!!


Bhumika 🙂

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