Highlights and homework of the day (day 2)

Highlights and homework of the day (day 2)

Language :

  •  Students watched a few videos to revise alliterations and similes.
  • Dictation was conducted.
  • LWE: Week 20,day 1 and 2 was done.


  • Summative assessment was conducted.


  • Language worksheets have to be completed .
  • Today  we have sent a colored sheet. It will be used as the cover page for the PYP portfolio. Add a title ‘My Grade 2 Journey’ to it. Students can draw their best learning or their favorite event of the year, on this sheet. Please help the children decorate it the way they want to. They can use crayons, sketch pens, small beads, etc.
    Kindly submit it on Monday without fail.



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