Highlights and Homework of the day : 10th April

Highlights and Homework of the day : 10th April

Stars of the day –    Image result for star gif image 

1. For being reflective in the class – Aryan, Anshul, Tanush.

2. For getting certificate in school event – Hriya.



  • Students started with a Debate on the topic “Food Policy”. Later, the students revised the process and co-created an advertisement for selling the book “The Magic Finger” along with the teacher.



You are a realtor (a person who deals in the buying and selling of property) who wants to sell the planet – Mars in our solar system. You have to create an advertisement including 4-5 interesting facts about the planet. You may refer to the following guiding questions:

  1. Planet name?
  2. What number is the planet from the sun?
  3. What is the distance from earth?
  4. What is the closest planet? How far away is that?
  5. What makes up the atmosphere? (Temperature, weather, etc.)
  6.  What makes up the surface? (Any crustal activity? For example: quakes, volcanoes, etc.)
  7. What is its mass?
  8. Does the planet have any moons and/or rings? If so, what are their names?
  9.  What is its orbital period? (How long does it take it to orbit the sun? How many “earth years” is that?)
  10. What is its rotation period? (How long does it take spin once around its axis?)
  11. What, if any, myth or legend is about this planet?
  12. Have any space missions visited this planet? Which ones? Did they land or just fly by?
  13. Anything else interesting? (Scientists have found frozen ice on Mars)

Note: You can write an interesting slogan for the advertisement. Also, do not forget to include the person or place to contact).




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