Homework for 10th April 2017

Homework for 10th April 2017


Dear Students,
Make sure you complete all the following tasks by tomorrow:
  • Request for prints will be considered only till 8.30am. Please keep all your requirements ready.
  • All the display pieces (the ones that need to go on the board) should be ready by 10:45 am.
  • The displays must include:

TDT (highlight the aspect), Big Idea, Lines of Inquiry, description of each line of inquiry, action element, primary research, secondary research, the overall conclusion as well as the bibliography.

  • The assessments will commence tomorrow.  Come prepared with a 5 min oral presentation.  During your presentation, make sure you make connections with the Central Idea, the Big Idea as well as the process. Do not forget to include the LP, Attitude, and Skills.
  • It’s rightly said,” Good feedback is the key to improvement.” Once you are done with the above tasks, think of creative ways to take feedback from your audience.

See you all tomorrow…. 🙂

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