Grade 3 Innovate – SLC Slots (18th April, 2017)

Grade 3 Innovate – SLC Slots (18th April, 2017)

Dear Parents,

Mentioned below are the timings for the Student Led  Conference on 18th April, 2017 i.e. Tuesday. For the parents who did not book, the slots are allotted on the basis of availability. Kindly go through your child’s Term-2 report which is shared with you.

Kindly be on time and adhere to the time slot allotted to you (30 minutes for 2 students)

P.S: Kindly carry the old ID Card and bearer card of your child.

Appointment slots of  SLC (18th April 2017)

Time slot Names Names
7:45 to 8:15  Moksh Jain Kairav Sakkai
8:15 to 8:45  Saumya Patel Prisha Mehta
8:50 to 9:10 BREAK
9:10 to 9:40  Parishi Doshi  Hemanshi Dayaramani
9:40 to 10:10  Harshal Chaliyawala  Aarush Dalmia
10:10 to 10:40  Shravya Agrawal  Ananya Mistry
10:40 to 11:10  Aaria Patel  Nandan Jani
11:10 to 11:40  Ashvika Agarwal  Hiyaa Patel
12:00 to 12:30 BREAK
12:35 to 1:05  Prem Kapadia  Raghav Dalmia
1:05 to 1:35  Sumit Hirawat Arya Bhingradia
1:35 to 2:05 Dhruvill Tulshiyani Amaan Alika
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