Homework- 19th April

Homework- 19th April

Read and follow the instructions step by step.

  1. Think about who would be the best teacher for You.
  1. Open the Teacher Description Cards - TeacherDescriptionCards
  1. Rate the cards from 1st priority to 4th priority. (There are no right or wrong answers.) These priorities are your opinions. Write the pointers of description in the given graphic organiser – Priority. For eg: According to me, Fair will go in 4th Priority and organised will fall under 2nd Priority. 
  2. Fill the given worksheet- “TheGreatestTeacherforMe“ 

This will help us to teach in a way that you appreciate.


1.Please bring your FA notebooks to school tomorrow.

2. Bring portfolio pieces/ write comments, if not done yet.

3.As we approach towards the culmination of this year, it’s time to make some sweet memories. We would like to end this journey with a Pot Luck Party. Progress students are requested to bring food (as per Friday food policy) for 25 people. You also need to bring disposable dishes and spoons.

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