Grade 9 Mathematics_Purchase of Graphic display calculator_14/06/2017

Grade 9 Mathematics_Purchase of Graphic display calculator_14/06/2017

Dear Parents,

The purpose behind circulating the consent form is specifically to bring to your notice the significance of graphical calculator. As far as Mathematics curriculum is concerned, graphic calculators will reinforce student’s understanding by actually visualising graphs and other diagrammatic representations through the medium of graphics. Hence we are well in a position to assess, comprehend and analyse the Math concepts and most importantly IB and Cambridge board support the usage of graphic calculators extensively. This also helps students to explore complex mathematical problems. Students are required to use GDC during IGCSE and DP final examination, hence it is compulsory for all the students to learn the usage of GDC. Above mentioned information is already communicated to the students in the class.

This circular particularly is meant for reminding the importance of the graphic calculators and hence seek official approval for the same.

If you agree upon the logical reasoning already discussed and support the same then fill this form. If you want the school to purchase it then kindly send a cheque in the name of ‘Fountainhead education trust’ by 16th June (write the name of your child, class and section at the backside of the cheque). Students have to handover the cheque to their respective Math teacher.

Please also note some following points :

TAX : Price includes 6% CST TAX. LOCAL TAXES if any will be to your account.

WARRANTY : THREE YEARS from the date of Invoice as per the terms of CASIO INDIA COMPANY. Please note that the Battery Leakage is not part of the Warranty.

NOTE : Please Note that the price mentioned below is valid for the Deliveries till June 25th as there may be a change due to the Implementation of GST by the GOVT OF INDIA. Nevertheless, if there is no upward price revision due to GST then the price will remain the same otherwise the excess amount will be deducted from student’s imprest amount. You are requested to send the cheque only for the amount mentioned above.

Price of the GDC is mentioned in the form.

If you don’t fill this form within the last date mentioned above, we will assume that you will purchase GDC on your own.

Click here to fill the form.

Thanks and Regards,

Math team

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