Stages of Statistical Inquiry

Stages of Statistical Inquiry

Students of Grade- 10 were indirectly made familiarized with the stages of statistical inquiry (which are posing questions, collecting data, organizing data, summarizing and displaying data, analyzing data and drawing conclusions) through a tuning-in activity which began with a series of problems given in the form of questions of Probability unit which were:
When a coin is tossed three times,

1. Calculate the probability of obtaining at least one head?

2. Calculate the probability of getting exactly two heads?

3. Calculate the probability of getting at most two heads?
For answering to these questions, both theoretical and experimental probability were required to be done. As students were already aware of theoretical probability, they could easily answer all of the above questions. But when it came to experimental probability, that experiment was needed to be conducted for 100 times which was done through simulation using graphic display calculator.

Hence, 100 random numbers (as the no. of trials as stated above was 100) were generated on it and they recorded the same in a group of 4. This catered to the 2nd stage of statistical inquiry which is collection of raw data. After they recorded the data, they organised their data counts as per the total no. of outcomes when a coin is tossed for 3 times (which are HHH, HHT, HTT, HTH, TTT, TTH, THT and THH). This catered to the 3rd stage of statistical inquiry which is organizing the data collected.Then comes the 4th stage which is summarizing and displaying data which was done by the learners using different types of graphs to represent their data. Later they analyzed their data by calculating the probability of the 3 questions posed in the beginning and compared its result with that of theoretical probability. Hence the 5th stage which is analyzing of data was done here.

And finally they could conclude that when the no. of trials is more in an experiment, the result of experimental probability comes closer/gets more accurate to that of theoretical probability which catered to the last stage of statistical inquiry- Conclusion.

Thus, this activity could really help them dwelling into the stages of statistical inquiry.

It was truly a fun filled activity along with a learning experience for the learners.



Grade- 10 Math Educators.

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