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Day: July 8, 2017

Sr. KG Highlights Of The Week!!(3rd-6th July)

Sr. KG Highlights Of The Week!!(3rd-6th July)

Circle Time :
Rhymes :

 Revision of :

 Morning has come…

 If you are happy and you know it!

 Tumbai Tumbai…

 Thumbkin he can dance..

 Slowly, slowly..

 Oh the cuckoo! Oh the cuckoo!

WOW (Word of the week)

healthy and components

Phonological Awareness :

1) Show and tell : Students were asked to choose any object (bag, bottle, tiffin etc) of their choice for show and tell. They had to speak a minimum of 5 sentences in English about their object.

2) Whisper your name game.
Read alouds : 

Read Alouds:

Read alouds were conducted from the Sr. Kg monthly read aloud list.


Writing of forward and backward numbers (1-30) in the notebook.


1) Introduction of fall letters [lowercase] (g,j,p,q,y) and writing the same in the notebook using the sky, grass and land concept.

2) Revising the tricky words with a game. (I, we, he, she, me, be, was, to, do, of, are, all, come, some, here, said, there, they, you, your, go, no, my, one, by, only, old, like, live, have, little, down, what, when) 

3) Revision of tall letters.(b,d,f,h,k,l,t)

UOI :  

TDT : Who we are.

Central Idea : Choices people make affect their health and well being.

  • Tuning in to the new unit was done through the Mystery box, puzzles and mind map activity. Five components of healthy living were reinforced with the following rhyme :     

“There are 5 components of a healthy lifestyle , eya eya o…

Eat healthy food, be hygienic, exercise, recreation, rest,rest rest.”

Homework :

Language :

Writing lowercase letters (g,j,q,y,p) (5 times) in the notebook.(Please follow the column format which has been done as classwork in the notebook for the homework.)


Number Fire-fly book Page nos- 17,18,19

Important points :

-Kindly revise the taught concept of Math and language.

-Give writing practice of the alphabets [lowercase].

😊Have a nice weekend!😊

Sr KG Team.

Highlights of the week- 3rd July to 6th July

Highlights of the week- 3rd July to 6th July

Circle Time:

Phonological Awareness- Listening Activities

Rhymes :
Introduction of a new rhyme:

Miss Molly had a dolly who was sick ,sick ,sick
So she called up the doctor to be quick, Quick, quick.
The doctor came with his hat and his bag,
And he knocked at the door with a rat-a-tat-tat.
He looked at the dolly and he shook his head,
And he told, “ Miss Molly,to put her straight to bed”.
He wrote on a paper for the pill , pill, pill,
“I’ll be back in the morning for the bill, bill, bill.

1)Today is Monday. Today is Monday, (2)
All day long. (2)
Yesterday was Sunday, (2)
Tomorrow will be Tuesday. (2)
Oh! what fun! (2)

2)Tum Bai Tum Bai
Tum Bai Tum Bai (8)
Don don don dee dee dee dee don
Dee dee dee dee don don
La la la (14)

Where do you live?
I live in Surat.

Word of the week:Synergy


Oral counting from 1-10
Revision of Subitizing using manipulatives
Revision of sorting(color) in Math Learning centres
Introduction-Sorting through size


Introduction of the letter sound /a/ through a Jolly Phonics story.
Sound of the letter ‘a’
Action of the letter ‘a’
The Jolly Phonics letter ‘a’ song
Letter ‘a’-
Read aloud of “My ‘a’ Book”
Tracing of letter ‘a’ in the worksheet.

Introduction of Tricky words- I, the

Read alouds : Read alouds were conducted from the Jr. Kg monthly read aloud list.


TDT: Who we are
Central Idea: We use our senses to discover and understand the world.
Tuning in : Sense of Sight- Various Activities


Math :

Firefly Patterns Activity Book -sheet 5


My Cut out book about ‘a’. Parents are requested to cut the pictures and make a booklet.

Happy Weekend !!
Jr KG Team.