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Day: July 11, 2017

Highlights of the day : July 11

Highlights of the day : July 11


The poem ‘A City Bus of Pune’ by Varun Tembwalkar was read from the chapter. The students tried to comprehend the poem using the strategy ‘Monitoring inner

Students were introduced to the concept of measuring weight using a scale. They learnt that the standard unit for measuring weight is grams (g) and kilograms (kg) and also that 1,000 g = 1 kg

Lang: Write the answer to the question in your notebook as discussed of ‘A City Bus of Pune’.
Homework for the day-Synergy,Grade5-11th, July

Homework for the day-Synergy,Grade5-11th, July

Homework :


Write supporting details for ‘Peacock is a beautiful bird’ on an A 4 sheet. You can create a mindmap.


Talk to your elders and inquire why do they do Puja/religious practice every day.How does it help them in their well Being. Write a reflection in your UOI notebook.

Keep reading for your BOOK CLUB. Get an approval for the books that you have chosen for this month by tomorrow.


Homework of 11th July

Homework of 11th July


Language: Complete the paragraph from ‘The Valley of Diamonds’ as discussed in class.

Work on the experiments that you have selected for the assembly. You need to get all the materials to school tomorrow so that you can try out the experiment. Also be ready with the explanation of the experiment.

Note: The mixed bag homework(Language and Math) and the other Language homework of 6th July need to be completed and submitted by tomorrow without fail. Any excuses for not completing the homework will not be entertained.

Homework for 11th July

Homework for 11th July



Solve the following worksheet in your Math notebook:

  1. – Worksheet on Decimals
  2. – Worksheet on Fractions

Happy Learning!!


Richa Sarda

Important- Regarding Service Program 2017-18

Important- Regarding Service Program 2017-18

Dear Parents & Students,

Please be noted that the 1st 2 trial sessions (15th & 16th July) will only be for Grade 7, 8 & 11. Hence, Grade 9 students do not have to come for Service sessions on 15th & 16th July.

Once we finalize the sessions and details for Grade 9, we shall share the same with you.


Events @fountainhead

HW – for 11-07-17

HW – for 11-07-17

Dear Parents,

Solve the following in Math note book-

Task 1:
Add the following and write whether the answer is odd or even.
a) 234+577 b) 456+789 c) 975+543 d) 864+358

Task 2:
Subtract the following and write whether the answer is odd or even.
a) 387-294 b) 765-321 c) 628-549 d) 453-213

Task 3:
Write the ordinal numbers and number names for the following- 12, 14, 22, 23, 25, 30.
Binal Shah


Service Program 2017-18 (Batch allocation & Bus routes)

Service Program 2017-18 (Batch allocation & Bus routes)

Dear Parents & Students,

As informed earlier in the mail and during the Orientation sessions with Grade 7, 8 & 11, here is the Batch allocation & Bus routes for the Service Program 2017-18 for all to refer.

Kindly visit the link given below to view the Google sheet with Batch wise student’s allocation and Bus routes.

Service Program 2017-18 (Batch allocation & Bus routes)


Batch dates & details:

Days/timings Total number of sessions to be attended by each student Batches (Total 3 batches)
Saturdays: 3:30 to 5:30 pm

Sundays: 9 to 11 am

6 sessions 1st batch:

1st session: 15th & 16th July

2nd session: 22nd & 23rd July

3rd session: 29th & 30th July

6 sessions 2nd batch:

1st session – 12 & 13 Aug

2nd session -19 & 20 Aug

3rd session- 26 & 27 Aug 2017

6 sessions 3rd Batch:

1st session – 9 & 10 Sept

2nd session -16 & 17 sept

3rd session- 23 & 24sept


Expectation from each student:

  1. Every student must come to the service session in FS school uniform. The students must have the LONG PANTS on and NO SHORTS will be allowed, for both boys and girls. If any student arrives wearing the shorts (Uniform shorts or any other) will have consequences.
  2. Each student must carry their own snack (following the friday food policy). PANTRY WILL NOT BE OPEN.
  3. NO GADGETS (mobile phones, mp3/4 players, ipods, ipads, laptops, cameras, smart watches) will be allowed to these sessions.
  4. Each student is expected to show complete discipline and dedication towards the program and must be self-motivated to explore and bring better progress in each of their subject areas.
  5. Reflection (can be pictures also) will have to be posted on blog, the guidelines of which will be explained to the students during their orientation sessions.
  6. Completion of each student’s service program will be examined on the basis of their attendance to the sessions plus basic level of involvement which will be certified by the adult supervisors.


In case your name is not in the list or for any other query kindly mail us at:



Events @fountainehead.