Glimpse of music class

Glimpse of music class

Dear parents,

The new academic year started with fun and enthusiasm

We formed essential agreements, discussed routines and procedures and enjoyed “Find the partner game” while introducing each other.

“Ear training” is very important for tiny tots to learn music. Students were exposed to sounds of different instruments by listening and imitating. Students were asked to explore different sounds at home. Students are learning “Rhythmic patterns” by “Copycat rhythm game”. Students are learning basic music element “Tempo”. They  are also learning an action song “Lambi dadhi wala boana” and an African folk song “Kokoleo ma kokoleoko”.

Students are learning  voice variation by observing the gestures done by teacher while singing.

Sharing lyrics of songs and glimpses of music class.

Note: Kindly encourage your child to reflect about the music class by asking them relevant questions.

1) Action song ( by Anonymous)

Lambi dahiwala bauna (3) lala-la la la

Vo ladoo bhi khata (2)

Vo pedha bhi khata (2)

Vo ladoo bhi khata, vo pedha bhi khata

Vo sab kuchh chat kar jata, lala-la la la

Lambi dahiwala bauna (3) lala-la la la

Vo Cycle chalata (2)

Vo Rickshaw Chalata (2)

Vo Cycle chalata, vo Rickshaw Chalata

Vo scooter bhi chalata lala-la la la

Lambi dahiwala bauna (3) lala-la la la

Vo gana bhi gata (2)

Vo baja bajata (2)

Vo gana bhi gata, vo baja bajata

Vo nach nachkar aata, lala la la la

Lambi dahiwala bauna (3) lala-la la la

2) African song (

Kokoleoko mama, Koleoko

Kokoleoko mama, Koleoko

Aba mama ,Aba

Aba mama,


“Kokoleoko” is the way of saying “cock a doodle doo”

(Cock-a-doodle doo mama ,Cock-a-doodle!,Cock-a-doodle doo mama, Cock-a-doodle!

Goodbye mama, Goodbye!Goodbye mama, Cock-a-doodle!)

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