Highlights of the week 17th July-21st July

Highlights of the week 17th July-21st July

Circle Time :

Rhymes :



– Introduction of the rhyme: Ramu Ramu

Ramu Ramu calls mom,

Come and have your breakfast hot.

Drink the milk and eat the bread,

Slices of fruits and vegetables fresh.

Mummy mummy give me cola,

Chocolates, pastries, Pepsi cola.

No no Ramu you should have,

Fruits and vegetables for your health.

–  By Anonymous



  • Revision:
  • Morning has come…
  • Toombai Toombai..
  • Thumbkin he can dance..
  • Slowly, slowly…
  • Oh the cuckoo! Oh the cuckoo!
  • Pitter patter




  • WOW (Words of the week) : Constipation, nutrients.




  • Phonological Awareness :
  • Syllables: The teacher gave different words to the children and they had to count the syllables in them.


  • Students played ‘passing the parcel’ and gave rhyming words for the given word.



  • Read aloud: Read alouds were conducted from the Sr.KG monthly read aloud list.



Math :


  • Revision of tens and ones through learning centers.
  • Students revised patterns with 2 attributes and were introduced to patterns with 3 attributes.
  • Concept of ‘Middle’ was introduced.
  • Introduction of numbers 31-40.
  • Revision of all the operations for numbers 1-40.





  • The students practiced writing capital letters in Jolly Phonics book 2.
  • Introduction of vowels (a,e,i,o,u)
  • Dictation of letters was given.
  • Revision of tricky words through a game. (I, we, he, she, me, be, was, to, do, of, are, all, come, some, here, said, there, they, you, your, go, no, my, one, by, only, old, like, live, have, little, down, what, when)





  • TDT : Who we are.
  • Central Idea : Choices people make affect their health and well being.
  • Introduction of the red (fruit) and green (vegetable) group. The students learned about the nutrients of the taught food group.
  • Homework :
  • Language: Page no. 31 of the Jolly Phonics book 2.
  • Math: Write numbers 1-40 one time in the notebook.




  • Important points :


-Kindly ensure the revision of  taught concepts of Math.

-Kindly ensure daily revision of tricky words.

-Give writing practice of the alphabets [lowercase and uppercase].


Have a great weekend!



Sr. KG  team.


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