Homework for 21st July 2017

Homework for 21st July 2017


Dear Students,

Given below is the homework for the weekend.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

  • As discussed in class, governance is not just restricted to the country. It can be anywhere; country, state, city, school, offices, malls, even in our own family. Governance may take many forms. Keeping this in mind, explore and understand the meaning of governance in detail.
  • Having done that, research about the governance at our school. Try and make connections with the TDT aspect, “The structure and function of organisations”, the LOI’s as well as the related concepts.
  • The school website will be a useful source of information for your research.


  • Do the Mix bag homework, posted by Sakshi ma’am, as well the following worksheet in your Mix bag homework notebook.
  • MATH – 1


  • Write the answers to question nos. 1 to 9 in your language notebook.
  • Refer to the chapter, “The Fall of Icarus”, from your Empowering English book. Identify and mark all the adjectives and adverbs used in the chapter.
  • Attempt the following quiz on the adjectival phrase and share the screenshot with me.
  • Search for any 5 commonly used idioms and use them in a sentence. Write the sentences in your Language notebook.
  • LD: Practice the oral work for Week 1, Day 5 as well as Week 2, Day 1 from your LWE book. In the case of any difficulty, refer to page number 128.

Enjoy the weekend!!!

See you all on Monday… 🙂





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